Oakland Elementary School


Renovated, More Secure Front Entrance 
As part of the two-year improvement plan, the Eagles of Oakland Elementary will be greeted with the newly renovated and more secure front entrance to the school when they arrive on the first day of school, Tuesday, August 20th. 

Activity Entrance 
Oakland Elementary School now has an Activity Entrance for all evening events to utilize that welcome all stakeholders to our new gymnasium.

New Gymnasium
Our new gymnasium at Oakland Elementary School offers not only our Physical Education classes a large indoor facility, but also provides an excellent space for the community organizations to utilize during non-school hours. In compliance with the Illinois Administrative Code 180.60.B.3.ii, the new gymnasium also serves as a Storm Shelter for Oakland Elementary School with its own power generator, retractable storm doors, accessible bathrooms and its own emergency water supply, our Eagles are prepared if the time ever comes.

Remodeled Cafeteria
New for the ‘19-’20 School Year, our Eagles will enjoy the newly remodeled Cafeteria.

New Classrooms 
The new classrooms for our Eagle students are outfitted with ample natural lighting, LED lighting, carpet flooring to bring a new vibrancy and freshness to the classroom ambience, Promethean Flat Panel Displays, 4th Gen Apple TVs, spacious cubbies for every student’s belongings and cheerful colors all to promote our students’ learning and growth towards their personal excellence.  

Classrooms Dedicated for Fine Arts & Project Lead The Way
Our Eagles will find an enhanced experience in their designated spaces for Art, Music, and our science and technology program called Project Lead The Way. The new Art Classroom is outfitted with all of the space and equipment necessary for our Eagles to experience and create a variety of different styles of art. The new Music Classrooms will feature sound absorbing panels, Promethean Flat Panel Display, 4th Gen Apple TV and ample space for our Bobcats to experience the wide variety of musical instruments that we offer. The Project Lead The Way classroom features a large and open floor plan with the same technological aspects as the Music Classrooms as well as overhead power outlets that can be utilized to enhance their science and technology learning experiences as they work towards obtaining their personal excellence.

21st Century Collaborative Learning Spaces 
The new 21st Century Collaborative Learning Spaces go hand-in-hand with our 1:1 Device Initiative that rolled out in the ‘18-’19 School Year that provided each of our students with a 6th Gen iPad. These spaces have been created for all of our students to utilize as they work towards achieving their personal excellence.

Oakland Elementary School also features a new library which features an open floor plan, LED lighting and open and collaborative spaces.

Courtyard & Outdoor Learning Center
The newly constructed courtyard and outdoor learning center provides our Eagles with a safe and secure place to take their learning outside which will provide a different atmosphere for students and teachers alike.