Turtle University Presents: Play, Learning and Preschoolers


This school year, the Mary Kay McNeill Early Learning Center is offering parents and families of preschoolers learning opportunities through our Turtle University. Throughout the school year, parents and families will have the opportunity to participate in workshops where they will learn strategies for engaging with their child as well as strategies to support their child’s development.

On October 21st, the Mary Kay McNeill Early Learning Center hosted our first Turtle University workshop titled Play, Learning and Preschoolers. This interactive workshop included discussion on the different types and styles of play children engage in and the kinds of skills play helps to develop. Participants learned strategies to support their child’s cognitive, physical, social emotional and language development. 

Future Turtle University workshops include Self-Care for Parents and Teaching Skills for Early Independence. Self-Care for Parents will focus on the ways that parents/guardians can help themselves maintain balance and energy while continuing to facilitate their child’s growth and development. Teaching Skills for Early Independence will focus on the importance of starting early with all children, to promote self-esteem and motivation for independence. Tips and strategies for developing skills for independence in young children will be provided.