W.C. Petty Students Appreciate Antioch’s Essential Workers


The COVID-19 pandemic has vividly highlighted how much our society depends upon essential workers. Essential workers continue their jobs each and every day, putting themselves at risk as more businesses open and people get back out in the community. 

Our Antioch essential workers have continued to go above and beyond in keeping our town bustling, safe, and healthy. In an effort to show our appreciation, Grades K-5 at W.C. Petty each chose an Antioch essential worker profession they wanted to make a connection with by coloring and writing a Thank You Note. Locations chosen by our students included, Jewel, Walmart, Piggly Wiggly, Antioch Fire Department, Antioch Police Department, PromptMed Urgent Care, Antioch USPS, and the following Antioch restaurants: Latte Café, Mr. G’s, Vegas, and Antioch Pizza. Thank you pictures and letters were delivered to each location for a Bobcat Boost in appreciation for their hard work and dedication. We cannot thank everyone enough for their continued service and dedication to the health and safety of our community.

All W.C. Petty students appreciate and applaud each and every one of you!