Emmons Bursts Forward with Music


Music is an integral part of the Emmons School program everyday. When students arrive in the morning they are greeted by staff members and uplifting music which blasts through the corridors. A spontaneous dance party even erupts some mornings! Not only is music used daily to get students excited and ready to learn, students also enjoy a formal music program. Emmons offers general music classes, band, and singing performances led by Megan Bering, Emmons Music Teacher/Director. Students receive instruction in general music classes in kindergarten through fifth grade. They learn the foundations of music and basic note reading. As part of the general music program, kindergarten through second grade perform a vocal performance in December and third through fifth grade students host a spring singing performance.

Starting in fourth grade, students can select instruments and start in band. Students receive both weekly small group lessons and full band practice. About 50% of fourth and fifth graders try band. Once they enter middle school, students can continue their musical pursuit in a daily full band practice and instruction. Band members participate in three band concerts and have the opportunity to perform at the high school with other area middle school musicians. 

Finally, students have the opportunity to show off their special musical talents during our annual talent show. All students can participate in the event with performances in dance, singing, playing an instrument or any other talent they possess. The talent show will be held March 10th at 6:30pm. All community members are welcome to attend!