Emmons Kindergarten Round-Up is in Full Swing!


Emmons is currently conducting Kindergarten Round-Up. This is an opportunity for children living in the district to register for the 2020-2021 Kindergarten program. Emmons offers a full day kindergarten experience that addresses the whole child. By providing a full day program, the students are given a well-rounded, rigorous academic program which includes exposure to the arts through library, music, visual art, and STEM classes. Students receive valuable gross and fine motor instruction from daily PE classes and pencil positioning instruction from a licensed occupational therapist.

The Emmons Board of Education supports a full day kindergarten program because they believe that students should be exposed to the humanities and arts as well as developing their social emotional health. The program has been carefully designed to fully engage each child. Weekly, students participate in regularly scheduled library science, general music, and visual arts curriculum. They also learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics integration) curriculum through project-based activities which allows the students to explore and test scenarios, just like a scientist. In addition, students learn foundational skills important for sports development and everyday functioning by participating in daily physical education classes. 

In addition to the exploratory classes, we also instruct students in their emotional health by delivering direct lessons taught by teachers and a social worker. A research based social emotional curriculum is used to teach students the necessary classroom behaviors and appropriate peer interactions. Students also have a chance to apply what they learn in a weekly play-based experience. The playroom is supplied with carefully selected equipment which encourages students to engage their imagination and ingenuity while also learning to collaborate with others. 

Emmons’s comprehensive kindergarten program equips students with the academic, social, and classroom habits needed for continued success in the later grades. As research has proven, a positive school experience in the early school years is important to set students on the right path. If you currently live in Emmons School boundaries and want to register your child for kindergarten, please contact Mrs. Trischan at 847-395-1105.