Unique Learning Opportunities for 5th Grade Students


Fifth graders at Emmons have been very busy participating in unique science and social studies learning experiences. In social studies class, they have been learning about the Jamestown colony. The students participated in an ‘Escape Room’ activity by taking on the role of English colonists. Their goal was to unlock a box containing valuable beads to trade for food and medicine that was necessary for their survival. In order to obtain the correct combination to unlock the box, the students solved several clues by decoding various ciphers. The experience really put their knowledge of Jamestown to the test!

In science, the 5th grade students concluded their ecosystems unit with a Mobile Museum research project. The project included pamphlets, murals, slideshows, and animals about each ecosystem. Students also created a 3D version of an organism that lived in their ecosystem. The 5th grade then hosted an open house for other students and families to view the museum. The students explained to the visitors interesting facts about the ecosystem and how their chosen organism is affected by environmental issues.