‘Hour of Code’ Inspires Students


Hour of Code is a nationwide event where students of all ages are allowed to explore the world of coding. At Grass Lake, we wholeheartedly embrace this initiative, viewing it as a valuable opportunity to ignite our students’ curiosity and inspire them to delve into the fascinating realm of coding and technology.

In today’s rapidly advancing world, proficiency in technology is no longer a niche skill but a fundamental requirement for success in various fields. As educators, we recognize the importance of equipping our students with the tools and knowledge to navigate this digital landscape effectively. During Hour of Code, our students not only gain hands-on experience with coding languages and technologies but also discover the vast array of possibilities that computer science offers. They explore the exciting worlds of programming, app development, robotics, and more, broadening their horizons and setting the stage for future academic and career pursuits.

This year at GLS, our leaders of the school (Eigth Grade Students) helped show the other grades how to complete the technological tasks. These tasks normally consist of dragging coding blocks to each other (like puzzle pieces) or even writing scripts. Students have reported that they find hours of code a lot of fun. Eighth grader, Bo Bomba has said “I think this helps students be more creative and allows them to use more of their imagination.”

We look forward to continuing this important work in the coming years as Grass Lake continues to join with schools across the country in Hour of Code.