Science Educator Stacy Kingery Named as Solar Eclipse Partner


As a young girl, Stacy Kingery was immersed in exploring the world around her. She knew science was all around her. Her grandpa was a scientist and shared his love for the natural world. Digging in the dirt was her jam. It took her a while to realize that this was her gift, from grandpa and to others. She enjoyed the science world through school and envisioned a couple of career paths along the way. She gravitated towards comedy, being a scientist in a lab and then possibly as a teacher. Little did she know that these aspirations would combine and evolve into the career she holds today. 

Once she began her college education she discovered she really loved the diversity of science and did not enjoy being boxed into one area. This led her to consider and pursue a wider approach and become a Middle School teacher where she could teach the range of topics. This combined her desire to excite kids to see science all around them, find wonder and joy of questioning, pondering and connecting to the world. 

It is no surprise that Stacy has had an enormous impact as the science teacher at Grass Lake School. She has been awarded the distinction of being named one of two teachers in Illinois to participate as a NSTA/SSI Solar Eclipse Partner. There are approximately 125 selected teachers that have access to scientists, periodicals and resources to promote the understanding and viewing of the solar eclipses in a two year window. 

This award is benefiting Stacy and Grass Lake School, but it goes beyond that. She is inviting curiosity, wondering and experiencing outside the building, which also aligns with Project Based Learning, being implemented at Grass Lake School. Stacy is working with the students to connect with local libraries so that this eclipse experience can take on a deeper connective meaning in April. Her vision is that not only will her students explore and dig to learn about this natural phenomena extends into family discussions, it becomes a school and community event that helps others make a connection to their world. 

At the end of the day, Stacy can know that because of her love of science, someone else will catch the spark and find their passion. Grass Lake School is proud of Stacy and knows that she is a wonderful role model that loves to learn and loves what she does. Congratulations and thank you, Stacy Kingery!