Seventh Grade’s ‘Realm of Terror’


Students in Ms. Lubar’s seventh ELA class experienced a unique opportunity to visit the Realm of Terror Haunted House. The field trip coincided with the current Gothic Horror unit. Seventh grade just finished reading the short story ‘Click Clack the Rattle Bag’. This story demonstrates a limited point of view, imagery, and foreshadow to create suspense. Stephen Kristof of Kristof’s (Realm of Terror) did an excellent job relating how developing a haunted house correlates to the elements of developing a plot, noting the climax is the most exciting part of the haunted house, just as it is with a story. He explained how the elements that create suspense in reading and writing are also used in hosting a successful haunted house. Interestingly, an upcoming movie just completed filming at this location! Students were extremely engaged and excited by the interactive immersive tour they received.