Antioch D34 Wellness Challenge


Getting in shape and staying healthy are very important to a happy life but do not require you spending endless hours in the gym every week. In fact, the time you spend away from the gym is just as important, if not more so, than the hour or two you devote to working out each day. Given this, the Antioch D34 Wellness Committee has organized a 30 day 10,000 Step Wellness Challenge to encourage staff to be more active and get healthier in 2020. 

The steps challenge is a fun way for Antioch D34 staff to get up and get moving on improving their health in the New Year. The Steps Challenge began on January 13, 2020 and will continue through February 11, 2020.  The purpose of the challenge is to get D34 staff thinking about their health and to encourage them to get up and take steps everyday toward improving their health. Every day is about being as active as possible, with a goal of walking at least 10,000 steps per day. The district had 120 staff members sign-up for the challenge and each are using an activity tracker that will record their daily activity including the number of steps each staff member takes. 

The District is tracking all of this activity and has created milestone awards at 100,000 steps, 200,000 steps, and 300,000 steps. In addition, there will be raffle prizes given out throughout the challenge that staff can win. If you are participating in this challenge, we thank you for thinking about your health and getting active. If you did not participate but wish you had, we encourage you start your own steps challenge and get moving.