District 34 Partners with Apple Professional Learning Services


Over the past three years, Antioch School District 34 has partnered with Apple Professional Learning services to help our educators get the most from Apple technology. The Apple Professional Learning offerings have included comprehensive resources and services to help build foundational skills with Apple products and integrate them into learning, so our staff can create innovative instruction that engages students more deeply.

When Apple technology is deeply integrated into learning, students can find new ways to work together, to communicate and create, and to develop personalized paths for understanding and applying their knowledge to the world around them. The Apple Professional Learning resources are designed to support and enhance the instructional practice in our classrooms. 

Antioch School District 34 teachers have been working with Hovan Zadourian, and Apple Professional Learning Specialist. This year, teachers have been engaging a three day coaching session with Hovan, consisting of the following:

Day 1: Meet with individual teachers during their planning period to enhance a lesson with technology that they are going to teach the next day. We can also design a new tech infused lesson if necessary and if it meets the learning goals for the unit.

Day 2: In-class support for the tech infused lesson planned on day 1.

Day 3: Reflection, learning journal and continuation of in-class support (if needed.)

Testimonials from Antioch District 34 Teachers

I had the pleasure of working with Hovan this fall. My students were given 3 paper bats of varying lengths and asked to put them in order from smallest to largest or largest to smallest. Once the bats were in order, the next task was to take a photo of their bat order. My students were guided through the process of uploading their photos to Keynote and then recording themselves explaining how their bats were sorted. Finally, my students uploaded their finished products to Seesaw to share with family members. Working with Hovan opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of planning digital math lessons. Hovan came back the following day to take the lesson even further…to animate the bats! 

Kerry Ellis, 1st Grade, W.C. Petty Elementary School

The landscape of the classroom is changing and technology is on the forefront. One of the challenges I have is how to add technology into a lesson, not just for the sake of adding technology, but to add value to the lesson. As a culminating activity on the topic of Early Explorers, Hovan helped me transform a paper/pencil lesson into a Keynote. Students researched an explorer, charted the explorers journey on a digital map, added transitions and builds, and incorporated audio about the explorer or their journey. The students loved the integration of technology into this activity and were excited to present their Keynotes to the classroom and share with their parents.

April Bryan, 5th Grade, Hillcrest Elementary School

Working with Hovan over the past two years has increased my comfort with using the iPad as a tool in my teaching. Hovan has also worked directly with my students, which is helpful in showing me how to problem solve as I continue to use the app or program on my own. Being a part of the Apple training program has enhanced the engagement of my students both with the technology and with the content of Language Arts. I can’t wait to learn more!

Megan Jankiewicz, 8th Grade, Antioch Upper Grade School