AUGS New Graphic Arts iMac Lab Powers Up


The Antioch Upper Grade School Graphic Arts Lab powered up the 2021-2022 school year with Apple iMacs. This is the first time that the encore class has been equipped with Apple computers, an industry standard in the Graphic Design profession. The Apple iMacs work interchangeably with the student issued Apple iPads. This is extremely beneficial because students can utilize AirDrop and upload their Weekly Sketches, bring in their photographs for editing, send their iPad video assignments to the iMacs for editing, and so much more with just the click of a share button. With more processing power and powerful graphics cards, the Apple iMacs are running the newest Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Apps, and web-based programs, while also working more efficiently. As a result, students are gaining valuable experiences by using the same programs and computers that the professional Graphic Designers use in the field, and AUGS Graphic Arts students will continue to reap the benefits of an iMac lab for years to come.