Building Character & Community: Family Meetings at W.C. Petty Elementary


Excitement fills the air each month as students from W.C. Petty eagerly gather with their designated families for a unique and heartwarming experience – Family Meetings. W.C. Petty has embraced a novel approach to fostering camaraderie and character development within the student body, and this enriching initiative is now being shared with the community.

The school is divided into three families. Each family consists of students from different grade levels, creating a melting pot of learning and shared experiences. During the monthly Family Meetings, students engage in small group discussions centered around a chosen character trait of the month.

These character traits, ranging from kindness and perseverance to respect and responsibility, provide an opportunity for students to explore values in depth. The meetings allow younger students to learn from their older peers and vice versa.

A highlight of each Family Meeting is the recognition of outstanding students who exemplify the previous month’s character trait. The joy on their faces is palpable as parents, sworn to secrecy, surprise them by attending the meeting to celebrate their achievements. Adding an element of fun to these celebrations is the beloved mascot, Bobby the Bobcat. Award recipients get the chance to snap a photo with Bobby and receive an enthusiastic high-five, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime

The spotlight shines not only on individual students, but also on entire classes. W.C. Petty acknowledges and applauds classes for demonstrating exceptional character during Specials classes and for maintaining tidy classrooms and showing respect for the school environment and custodial staff.

Beyond the recognition and awards, the creation of these school families has successfully fostered a stronger sense of community. The sight of students from different grades waving to each other in the hallways, sharing smiles, and forging connections is a testament to the success of this initiative. Students have a new sense of belonging and learn valuable life lessons from one another.