Celebrating Learning in Person


District office lent hand as we hosted a cook-out for our staff! We can always count on the support of district leadership to celebrate those impacting the lives of our students.

In the month of May, W.C. Petty Elementary celebrated all their wonderful students and staff. All of Antioch District 34 have taught remotely; they have taught in a hybrid model, and now they are teaching most students fully in-person while some students remain remote. Not only do we celebrate our staff, but we also celebrate the students in the buildings and at home. We celebrate getting back to some sense of “normalcy” with learning happening both virtually and in-person. 

Asking teachers to focus on the students in their physical classroom while providing those at home with simultaneous attention can be complicated, but it is and always has been our mission to meet the needs of ALL students. W.C. Petty Bobcats are here to learn and our teachers have risen to the occasion. We have added a few examples below showing the different types of learning that occurs through grades K-5.

Mrs. Rieb’s class is investigating the transfer of energy using rope, slinkies, and coins. The students were fascinated to see that they were able to move coins without even touching them using a transfer of energy. We want to celebrate the hands-on activities which solidify knowledge as students witness phenomena and collect data first hand!

Learning in person has provided more opportunities for students to get away from the technology and use paper and pencil. Mrs. Ellis’s students are “feeling” like they are back in the swing of school and excited to be around their friends again! We want to celebrate the balance created between utilizing technology and paper within the same lesson!

Dr. Walshire has students sorting and gluing letters to make words with the long /o/ sound using the silent e at the end. Some lessons are best taught with a pencil and some glue! We want to celebrate the hands-on tasks that help students absorb the information while practicing their functional skills at the same time.