Extra! Extra! Read All About It!


With the start of the new year behind us and looking forward to all the newness Spring brings, W.C. Petty is proud to announce the launch of its first school newspaper. This idea was invented by a group of 5th graders, and the project was completed solely on their work. Here is what our tenacious Bobcats had to say about their creation and how they are using it.

“We are a group of 5th grade writers from W.C. Petty Elementary who had an idea to create and write a paper for the students at our school. After 2 months of hard work, we were excited that our first edition of The Petty Paper was finally published in our school last week. It has been a big hit with both teachers and students. As we brainstormed what to put in our paper, we decided that our first issue would include interviews with teachers, seasonal games and crafts, articles about current topics of interest such as pets, jokes, as well as book and song suggestions. We also plan on gathering information in a poll, so we can include current interest topics in future issues.”

“Students really seem to love the word-finds, mazes and pet articles the most,” said project coordinator, Mrs. VandenBerge. 

Students have hard copies of our paper and teachers can also share the digital versions to their students on their iPads. We are currently busy at work on our next issue!”