Lexia Core 5 Reading Begins in Antioch District 34


All students in Kindergarten through fifth grade in District 34 now have the opportunity to use Lexia Core5 Reading! Lexia Core5 Reading is a fun computer-based program that has helped millions of students. The activities in Lexia Core5 Reading support and build on the classroom curriculum and focus on developing reading skills in six areas: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Students begin Lexia Core5 Reading at a starting point that fits his or her needs and work in online activities throughout the week. The online activities include direct instruction and feedback as students learn new skills. Student progress and performance in the program is reported so teachers can provide help when needed. Lexia Core5 Reading also provides targeted lessons for teachers to use with students who are struggling and paper-and-pencil activities that may be done in school or brought home for additional
practice. Families may see achievement certificates coming home to celebrate success and to show progress in the program.

The students and teachers in District 34 have had a very positive response to the program. The students love to have choice in their learning. They are motivated to hit their usage and progress targets each week. The teachers love that the reports give them detailed information about how each student is progressing and resources to provide additional instruction when needed. We are very excited to be implementing Lexia Core5 Reading in all of our elementary schools this year!