Oakland Celebrates Creativity at 4th Annual STEM Night


At Oakland Elementary School’s 4th Annual STEM Night, students and families embarked on a creative journey filled with paper plate-themed engineering challenges. The gym buzzed with excitement and curiosity as teams worked together to conquer challenges such as airborne paper plates, creating dynamic paper plate baskets, engineering thrilling paper plate roller coasters, constructing towering paper plate towers, and creating plate transformations. The air was filled with laughter, collaboration, and the rustle of paper plates being transformed into engineering marvels. 

STEM Night is a celebration of learning that encourages our students to think critically, solve problems creatively, and work collaboratively. It’s an opportunity for families to engage with their children’s education in a fun and hands-on environment, building memories that we hope will inspire our students for years to come.

Oakland’s STEM Night was made possible by the incredible support from our Oakland community. The majority of supplies for these engaging projects were generously donated by our wonderful parents and the Oakland Eagles Boosters. Their contributions made the night possible and showcased the strong community spirit that supports our students’ education and growth.