Reading to Succeed at Antioch Upper Grade School


Students and staff at Antioch Upper Grade School are spending more time this year with independent, self-selected reading in an effort to build stronger reading skills. Students have set personal goals and many are truly enjoying the time they are given in class to read books of their choosing as they work towards reaching their goals. 

Middle-school students often need recommendations of what books to read. Teachers have implemented different ways this year to share suggestions. Bitmoji posters were created for staff members to display what books they are currently reading in an entertaining way. Some classrooms have extended this idea by creating posters for students to display their novel choices as well. Other teachers have bulletin boards flooded with pictures of popular titles for middle-schoolers to read. In addition, a webpage called Warrior Reads was created where teachers post suggested titles with ratings as they finish reading novels they wish to recommend to students. This webpage can be found under the teacher webpages tab for Antioch Upper Grade School at the bottom in the library section. Feel free to take a look! 

Students are not the only ones increasing the amount of their independent reading. Teachers are as well. A school wide reading chain is displayed in the library to show the entire school’s progress. 

According to Judy Newman, president of Scholastic Book Clubs, “The most critical skill for success in school or in life is the ability to read well. Reading is the only way to build usable vocabulary because in books, words are written in a context, with meaning and nuance. You need to build your vocabulary over time by reading. Once you have a strong, dynamic vocabulary you can translate your thoughts and ideas (and hopes and dreams), and communicate them to others.” Increasing self-selected, independent reading time is just one way to show how AUGS is fully committed to fostering continuous improvement in their students’ reading skills to help ensure their academic success.