W.C. Petty Leaps Toward Academic Growth


Here at W.C. Petty Elementary School, our staff members and students are making strides. We could not be more proud of our Bobcats persevering towards academic growth!

We have three staff members, Dr. Walshire, Ms. Chayer, and Mrs. Stefani, working with groups of students during our Extended Learning Program that takes place twice a week after school. Students practice skills they need a boost in as well as extensions of their prior knowledge. This is a wonderful opportunity to build an additional community within the school where students are mixed with classmates they do not see on a regular basis. Way to go team!

We are also highlighting some exciting success stories from our reading interventionists, Mrs. Orozco and Mrs. Brooks! Looking at our youngest learners first, we had a group of our younger students pulled to catch up on letter confidence, and 60% of them have already exited intervention. 

A more personal story goes for a student who joined intervention as a Kindergartener two years ago. At that time, the student struggled with letters and sounds. By first grade, intervention was intensified and the student seemed to be losing some self-confidence, but he persevered through a variety of phonics activities and books at his ability level. The student fell in love with The Danny Collection published by MaryRuth Books and practiced his decoding and phonics while gaining back his self-confidence. This student has exited intervention this school year and his reading skills continue to grow. It takes a village, and we are so proud of our students and staff for continuing to work hard to close gaps and strive for high achievement!