Summer Work at GLS


Remember back to your first summer job. Perhaps you were a lifeguard at a neighborhood pool or served ice cream at the local ice cream parlor? For some local college students, their summer was spent in school but not attending classes. For the second year in a row, GLS has hired local college-aged students to help beautify the school and get it ready for school in the Fall. This summer we welcomed the following individuals: Hannah Pawlowski, John Petty, Trevor Reule, Katie Hertzke, Hailey Kingery (pictured below) along with Don Quinnett and James Bowen who are full-time employees at Grass Lake School.

Summer work in a school is a crucial period where maintenance, repairs, and improvements take place to ensure a conducive learning environment. The diligent efforts of the staff during the summer break play a significant role in setting the stage for a successful academic year. From cleaning classrooms and hallways to updating technology and curriculum materials, every aspect of the school is carefully attended to. 

Hannah Pawlowski stated “it was great to be in the schools and get to know the staff and students. There is so much hard work that goes into schools behind the scenes that I have so much more appreciation for now.” John Petty continued “what really stood out to me was not only did I get to learn new skills such as maintenance and repairs but I was also able to effectively navigate the social aspect of schools and get to know so many different people that live in the community.”

Amongst typical summer projects listed above the group also was tasked with various projects. One such project was helping organize new reading resources that will be used in kindergarten through fifth grade to make the books easier to navigate and more accessible to the students. Other tasks that they helped in completing were creating posters to signify grade level and teacher classrooms to make the navigation of the building easier for the younger aged students.

The group’s efforts have certainly paid off as the school is looking amazing and when staff and students return in August, we look forward to seeing how great the school looks and will help instill a sense of pride in each one of the students that attend Grass Lake School.