Let’s Get to Work!


As the weather warms up and the sun returns, there are many things happening in Antioch Township!

Osmond Park; Let’s Grow!
If you see lots of activity out at Osmond Park, that is because we have big plans to add a cross country course for the high school, an interpretive trail with bar coded signage highlighting the flowers and fauna, an enhanced sledding hill with a warming station, and improvements to our disc golf course to make it one of the top courses in Lake County. 

We have assembled a team of experts from the Lake County Audubon Society, Lake Forest College, Antioch Garden Club, and our Antioch Community to lend expertise in areas of planting, conservation, preservation, bird species, animal habitats, communications, and community engagement. 

We are excited to bring this collaborative project to life for our community! Visit our website for updates and information on the Osmond Park Interpretive Trail initiative www.antiochtownshipil.gov. 

Community Partnership. Senior Vaccination Taskforce. 
Throughout the past few months, our team has worked with the Lake County Health Department as ambassadors for our seniors to educate and sign people up to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

We are proud to say we have registered and gotten appointments for more than 125 of our seniors. We would like to thank Family Medicine Specialists in Antioch. Their team has been amazing working with our staff to get vaccines for our seniors. Thank you, Family Medicine Specialists!

Senior Events & Programs
Our Senior Services team is working with the Senior Center, Catholic Charities, and other organizations to bring programming back to our seniors in a safe manner. On May 3rd, we brought back the ‘Monthly Monday Movie Series’ for Seniors 55+. The free movie begins at 10:00am at the Antioch Movie Theatre with a $10 lunch special offered by Oliveri North for those interested. The Movie schedule, events and programs we have planned will be shared on our website, Facebook page, and mailed to our list of seniors. You can see the list of events for sign-up for June-September on the following page. If you would like to join our mailing list, or our e-newsletter list, please call our office or visit our website to register: 847-395-3378, www.antiochtownshipil.gov

Working As One
As you may know, we have some newly elected officials in the Township and the Village. Thank you for electing me. As always, I am committed and focused on working as one for all. I will continue my intergovernmental meetings with leaders throughout Lake County to ensure your voice is represented. 

I’m very excited for all that our Trustees and administration are working to bring forward for Antioch. 

If you have concerns, questions or suggestions, please connect with me at tshaughnessy@antiochtownshipil.gov or call the office at 847.395.3378.

Tom Shaughnessy
Antioch Township Supervisor