10 Things I Wish I Knew About Middle School


Celebrating our theme of “Going Places” for 2022-2023, we welcomed our 6th graders who attended Antioch Upper Grade School (AUGS) for the first time! This year’s 6th grade Transition Camp was a great experience for everyone involved. Students met in the gym on the first day and received a welcoming message from the building principal, Mr. Koeune. Students were then immediately placed into groups and started activities to help them get to know each other and learn more about the life of a middle school student. The AUGS staff could not be more pleased to have the opportunity to start building positive relationships with the incoming 6th grade students and to help them make a smooth transition to a new school, develop new friendships, and begin creating wonderful middle school memories.  On the second day, assistant principal, Mrs. Tack gave a positive message about expectations at AUGS. The rest of the day focused on students taking time to become familiar with the building by taking tours, participating in scavenger hunts, and other group activities. Day 3 started with a morning message about clubs and activities at AUGS. Students received their schedule and were taught how the bell schedule works, what Encore classes and Success period are, and how lunch is run. Students were able to practice opening their lockers since this may be their first experience using combination locks. Students from National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) were with the 6th graders all week to provide support with class schedules, locating their lockers and show how locker combinations work, and supporting them with any other questions or needs they had about middle school.  AUGS head custodian, Ms. Pullen, was also helped students with their lockers.  The last day of Transition Camp focused on students practicing their schedule with a mock bell schedule, a rotation of team building activities, and a lesson on “The 10 Things I Wish I Knew About Middle School”. The students attended Transition Camp were fortunate to have the AUGS staff lead their groups with the support of the NJHS students as well. To call Transition Camp a success would be an understatement!