The Learning Never Stops


ESSER funds were used to provide students with Extended Learning After-School Academic lessons within the areas of English Language Arts and Math. Antioch CCSD 34 elementary students engaged in meaningful, targeted instruction designed to secure skills and concepts. In addition to meeting with teachers for small group instruction, students participated in hands-on games and practiced skills with whiteboards and iPads. Students spent around ten minutes at each center and ended each after-school session with a Social Emotional Learning lesson. ESSER funds have helped to provide students with an enjoyable relaxing learning experience after school throughout the entire 2021-2022 school year! 

Extended Learning After-School has provided students and staff the opportunity to take advantage of any and all beautiful weather! Taking time to work outside allowed students a reprieve from their everyday learning environment and helped promote peace and relaxation. Within math, students worked on skills that matched their learning needs from number sense with our younger students, to telling time, multi-step word problems, fractions and multiplication/division with the older elementary students. Staff used educational videos, games and completing tasks to help review and confirm mathematical concepts.